Home Staging & Interior Decorating

There are some common misconceptions about home staging. Thanks to HGTV, people generally think of an empty home that becomes a model home in an hour or less! Nine times out of ten, that is not the case at all. In reality, I meet people right where they are, piles and messes and all. I work with what they have, and try to make the home appeal to the broadest audience. In some cases, accessories and furniture need to be brought in, but not often. Editing, organizing, rearranging and fine-tuning the space is what I do.

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I typically meet with a homeowner during the initial listing process. Prior to pictures being taken or the sign going in the yard, I help the homeowner establish a game plan. Selling your home can seem like an overwhelming task with many emotions involved and lots of work to be done.

My goal is to provide some clarity around what actually needs to be done to ensure that the home is in the best shape possible from day one on the market. Knowing which projects to focus on saves time and money.

Many realtors see the benefit of working with a stager and believe in the added value enough to offer this service to their clients. My experience has shown that homeowners view this as a true gift from their realtor.

It would be a privilege to have the opportunity to work with you and make selling your home a little easier!

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